Preparing Ofe Nsala Soup: Easy 3 Step Guide

ofe nsala recipe

Ofe nsala soup is also called white soup; it’s a very delicious soup common with the Igbos, especially in Anambra state.

Other tribes, such as Efik, Ibibio and Ogoni people, also prepare it

Ofe nsala is usually served at birthday parties, weddings and in restaurants. It can also be prepared at home.

The soup doesn’t need palm oil, unlike other traditional soups like Egusi or Ogbono.

Ofe nsala is prepared using herbs and spices that give the soup its special flavour and taste.

If you’ve never prepared Ofe nsala soup, then it’s your lucky day.

Before we discuss how to prepare the soup, let me first share the health benefits of Ofe nsala.

Health Benefits Of Ofe Nsala Soup

  1. It is very good for nursing mothers and pregnant women
  2. It helps strengthen the immune system against disease

You can make Ofe nsala with either goat or chicken as the main meat of the soup.

If it’s prepared with chicken, it’s called chicken Ofe nsala, or goat Ofe nsala if it’s prepared with goat.

You can use either fresh yams, achi, cocoyam or yam flour to thicken the soup (more on that later)

You can buy these Ofe nsala ingredients from the local market or, if you live abroad, get them from African food stores.

Ingredients For Ofe Nsala Soup / White Soup

ofe nsala ingredients
  1. Meat, such as chicken, beef, assorted meat, shaki (cow trims)
  2. Salt
  3. Onion
  4. Seasoning cubes
  5. Crayfish
  6. Yam
  7. Ehuru (calabash nut meg )
  8. Uda
  9. Catfish (dried or fresh of your choice)
  10. Dried pepper or fresh yellow pepper of your choice
  11. Uyayak (Aidan pods)
  12. Stockfish
  13. Ogiri / dawadawa (fermented locust beans)
  14. Uziza seed
  15. Utazi or uziza leaves.

Steps For Preparing Ofe Nsala Soup / White Soup

ofe nsala soup

Step 1

Before you start cooking, blend the following: Ehuru, Uda, pepper, Uziza seeds and crayfish.

Then, Put a medium pot on the fire, add a little water, and add in your meat, such as chicken or goat. You can also include assorted.

Next, add in your onion, seasoning cubes, and salt to taste and cook for about 15 minutes to soften the meat.

Add in your Uyayak (Aidan pods) and Ogiri (fermented locust beans), then add the things you blended (Ehuru, Uda, Uziza seeds and crayfish)

Note: add a little pepper because the spices already have pepper in them, like (uziza seeds) allow cooking for about 5 minutes.

If you want to use fresh catfish, ensure you wash it with hot water to remove slims.

Step 2

Get a yam, peel it and cut into little bits.

You can boil the yam bits separately, or you can add them to the cooking pot containing your meat.

When the yam bits are soft, pound them with mortar and pestle, or you can use a blending machine to blend them.

Step 3

Nigerian white soup

After you’ve pounded or blended the yam bits, you can use a spoon to cut it in lumps and add it to the pot containing your meat and other spices.

Allow it to cook for about 5 minutes on low heat; after 5 minutes, add the sliced uziza leaves and then stir for about 2 minutes; then, our Ofe nsala soup is ready to be served.

Ofe nsala soup /white soup can be served:

  1. pounded yam
  2. Eba
  3. Semo
  4. Fufu ( fermented cassava )
  5. Wheat

Frequently asked questions

What are Ofe nsala/white soup spices?

Ofe nsala / white soup spices are Uda, Ehuru (calabash nut Meg seed), uziza seeds, and Uyayak (Aidan pods), which gives the soup a very nice flavour.

What is the benefit of Ofe nsala/white soup?

Ofe nsala / white soup helps nursing mothers and pregnant women

The soup can also help with losing weight.

It helps strengthen the immune system against diseases

What is Ofe nsala/white soup made of?

Ofe nsala/white soup is made of meat, spices such as Uda, Ehuru (calabash nutmeg seed),

Uziza seeds, Uyayak, fish, uziza leaves, Ogiri ( fermented locust bean ), yam, seasoning cubes, crayfish, pepper, and some salt to give it that delicious taste.

What is Ofe nsala called in English?

Ofe nsala soup is also called white soup in English. The soup is quite different from other types of soup because it is made without adding oil.

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